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Databases: Culturegrams will give you a nice overview of information about the country you are researching. These reports are written by people who live in the country and include information on courtesies and customs, family life, education and government. There is also a picture gallery included as well.
Global Issues in Context has reference, news, magazine, journal, video and pictures on each culture. You can refine your search by adding addittion terms . . . Mexico and Education, Mexico and Religion, Mexico and Travel, to get more information on specific areas of the country.
Britannica Online School Edition, eLibrary Curriculum edition and Student Resources in Context are good places to find additional information an photos.

Web Resources:

CIA World Factbook


Lonely Planet

US Department of State Travel

Students Abroad: US Department of State

Brazil Travel

Embassy of Brazil

Dominican Republic

Dominincan Republic Ministry of Tourism

Dubai Department of Tourism and Travel

United Arab Emirates

Greek National Tourism Organization

Israel Ministry of Tourism

Israeli Government Portal

Italy Travel

Travel Italy

Government of Jamaica Website

Jamaica Information Service

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Visit Scotland

Official Gateway to Scotland

Just Spain

Holiday in Spain

Books: There are several books pulled on a cart to help you complete your assignment. You may also want to check in the Destiny book catalog for more resources to answer your questions.